Current Students


  • Song Chang | Thesis: Stability and Control of Flapping Flight: Modeling, Simulation and Analysis

  • Acmae El Yacoubi | Thesis: Particle Hydrodynamic Interactions in Intermediate Reynolds Number Flows

  • Anders Andersen | Assistant Professor | Physics, Technical Univeristy of Denmark

  • Sheng Xu | Associate Professor | Mathematics, Southern Methodist University

  • Attila Bergou | Thesis: A Quantitative Analysis Of Wing Pitching In Insect Flight

  • Gordon Berman | Thesis: Optimization, Control, And Flies: Quantitative Studies Of Insect Flight

  • Umberto Pesavento | Thesis: Unsteady Aerodynamics of Falling Plates

  • David Russel | Thesis: Numerical and Experimental Investigations into the Aerodynamics of Dragonfly Flight

  • Kevin Chen | Ph.D Student | SEAS, Harvard University

  • Adam Sorrin | Software Engineer | Microsoft Corporation

  • Andreas Haselsteiner | Visiting Student | University of Applied Science Bremen, Germany

  • Alexandre Le Cann | Visiting Student | Ecole Polytechnique, France